Patti Carothers

Founding Director, Organizing Board President. SRC Chairman (Scientific Review Committee)



-For questions on ALL aspects pertaining to the science fair - student project development, registration and application processes.

Suzette Takei

Co-Director & Judging Coordinator



-For questions regarding judging applicantion and details.

Malia Takei

E-Mentor Coordinator



* NOTE Students requesting an e-mentor and Adult e-mentor volunteers - Please refer to the menu bar link for the e-mentor program BEFORE sending your questions or applications.

For e-mentor questions from:

1. prospective ADULT volunteers interested in becoming ementors

2. STUDENTS interested in being matched with an e-mentor

Balita Shepperson

Volunteer Coordinator



- If you want to volunteer see the link in the menu bar. If you have any questions contact Balita.

Hiran Rajagopalan

School Outreach Coordinator - Private



Alameda County Science And Engineering Fair Association


Mailing Address *note our mailing address changed on 7/1/16

Synopsys Alameda County Science and Engineering Fair (ACSEF)

c/o Patti Carothers — Founding Director

3996 Mt. Rainier Ct., Pleasanton, CA 94588


Location of the science fair: Alameda County Fairgrounds - Pleasanton, CA

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